Simple, fast, robust.

The powerful OrbiMax machine from iVo is a huge breakthrough when stripping and deep cleaning floors.  There’s nothing quite like it.

Whether you’re working with vinyl flooring, tiles, travertine, marble, granite or any other flooring surface, getting a deep clean or floor stripping done effectively can be difficult. 

​​But the OrbiMax has it covered.​​​​

How it works

1. Choose the pad

Choose from a wide variety of pads, for many different flooring types, for both chemical free floor stripping and deep cleaning.

2. Add weights

Weights should be added according to the type of flooring and the task at hand.

The total weight can be varied from 40kg to 112kg, giving seriously impressive performance!

3. Roll

That’s it – you’re off!  Enjoy the super fast and effective method of chemical free floor stripping and deep cleaning.

You won’t be sorry you discovered it!

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